Brad Lowe-- Puppeteer and Past President of the Detroit Puppeteers
Guild, has been delighting audiences with his large colorful puppets on
stage, television and film for more than 40 years.  His unique combination
of music, comedy and state-of-the-art puppetry has garnered him several
coveted awards including the seal of approvals from the "Committee for
Children's Television", "Action for Children's Television", Puppeteers of
America's Paul McPharlin Award and two Emmy Awards.  
That Puppet Guy provide performances, design, build puppets and offer
puppet making workshops.  
An entertaining and educational puppet experience that will spark the
imagination of any child who has ever wanted  a closer look, a question
answered....or a dream inspired!
Playing the role of the clown, puppeteer, magician, and many other
Mary Ellen Clark weaves her skills in magic, music,
puppetry, balloon theatre, game playing, teaching, movement, juggling,
and face painting into a variety of themes.  As many as 30 individuals
from the audience appear on stage throughout the show as characters in
short plays, musical numbers, and in other activities.
Chris Clark-- has been performing for over 25 years. His show
includes a variety of magic tricks, juggling, puppets, comedy and
balloon sculptures. He uses audience participation to capture your
attention and keep you laughing. He has competed in the U.S.A.
National Juggling Championships. A guest might get picked to
come up and assist him with a juggling trick.
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Herdsmen Puppets- Presents Family Fun Puppet Shows
Directed by James Ellis and family.
Stories told by Eli the 100-year old puppet with themes such as
cowboys, pirates, fairytales and much more.
Education shows with Science Professor Gizmo,
presented for 4 years at the Toledo Children Hospital.
Puppet Church events are also available that bring thoughts of the
Bible to life with puppets!
Kevin Kammeraad and the Cooperfly Puppet Troupe - Kevin
loves to perform, write, draw, sing, make things, and wonder
about possibilities. He is an award-winning artist, performer, and
children's author of several books and CDs. Along with Justin
Haveman, they are two artists with a cast of puppets, a variety of
vignettes, a suitcase of songs, and a bundle of energy; all coming
together to interact, invigorate, and leave audiences feeling great!
PuppetART Theater- has been an active non-profit puppet theater,  
studio, and museum in downtown Detroit for the past 15 years;  
showcasing a diverse repertory of ten shows, great for all ages!  
PuppetART offers various educational workshops, school field-trips,
tours, birthday rentals, community space, and internships.
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Lois Sprengnether Keel- (LoiS) has a wide variety of storytelling
programs, many including puppets, and  workshops on making easy puppets;
how to use puppets in storytelling; and resources for creating puppet
programs. There's even a signing puppet to teach A Fun Introduction to
American Sign Language. 248.625.5848